Bismillah The world as we know it has been turned upside down by the notorious (or a blessing in disguise?) Covid-19. Life is just not the same anymore. Learning and working have a new norm now. Even Ramadhan feels different this time around. Is this a punishment, an ‘azab from Allah, or is this a […]

Bismillah Let me write something Before I forget how toFor writing, like skiing,Or swimming, or cyclingOr et cetera, et ceteraIs a skillThat when left for too longWill be a skillLeft forgottenAnd to avoid that skill be rottenLet me write somethingBefore I forget how to… * Reflapping the wings that have been left folded for so […]

Bismillah Whilst most workshops I attended either made me feel like I was trapped in an Alice-in-Wonderland maze, or made me feel like Man, how I wish I were somewhere else – I remember one that left a resounding effect in me. * In that workshop, there was one activity where we were asked to […]

Bismillah If life is a business deal… All of us are making a huge loss right now. How so? You might ask. What exactly is our product, and how are we making a loss? You probably wonder in puzzlement. See, all of us are given an equal amount of “product” called “time” and we are […]

Bismillah I had quite a long class and meeting today and hence was out of reach from my phone until night time. And guess what popped up when I switched on my phone again. I was greeted with this: I let out a small yelp (despite being in a public space), shocked – but in […]

Bismillah I hate seeing you Getting yourself hurt Going through that same cycle Aren’t you tired? You sleep, you wake up, You eat, you go out And just like that Everything seems to be on repeat Like a routine More or less like a machine I feel like I wanna shake you And wake you […]

Bismillah You know, Allah will always put you in a situation that you may or may not like to make you grow. If it is something that you like, it means He wants you to try and believe in yourself the way He believes in you. If it is something that you don’t, it means […]

Bismillah Welcome, welcome ‘o Beloved Guest, You come to offer a much needed rest, To the torn and weary soul, That feels like a thousand years old, Uplift us from this misery, For we are thrown in a world that knows no mercy, You are the hope for us to fix what had went wrong, […]

Bismillah Salam and ‘ello, there my dusty ‘ol companion. Think not for a moment that I have disregarded you. Or that you do not matter anymore. You do. Still do, always do. I think of you – if not daily, almost daily – for I still have your tiny little app on my phone. And […]

Bismillah When we ask for strength, almost always we are asking for inner strength. Why? Because we know, once we are stronger inside we can face anything outside. Rayyan Islam

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