Bismillah When we ask for strength, almost always we are asking for inner strength. Why? Because we know, once we are stronger inside we can face anything outside. Rayyan Islam Advertisements

Bismillah We are but made of time, Where did it all go? Once young, vibrant, full of vision Now old, frail, nothing but reminiscence Where did it all go? Soon we will be gathered and asked, By The One who created Time, and lends it to us What have we done, and Where did it […]

His phone buzzed. Almost instinctively he grabbed the thin, gray, metallic-cased gadget and swiped the screen. A smile etched on the young man’s face. It was time to meet his beloved. He swiftly cleared his table and packed his things. “Where are you rushing off to so quickly, eh?” Jim The Colleague hinted – grinning […]

Bismillah His name is Faris. Short for Farisi. Recently (well, it has been quite a while now) I bought a new car. (Note: for those who have been following my blog would recall among my earliest entries on how I used to have this can’t-live-with-it-can’t-live-without-it car. You can read it in this post.) After getting […]

Continue to be nice; continue to do good – no matter where, when, how or to whom. You are not doing it for them – you are doing it for Him. Rayyan Islam

Bismillah Something a friend said sort of hit me in a way. Just recently we went for a leadership course oversea. During the event, at one point, we were asked to jot down in a form our day of departure, the time and the airport that we will be using, by one of the committees. […]

Bismillah Sometimes His gifts do not come merely in the forms of wealth. Nor in the forms of people. Sometimes they come in the form of moments. A fleeting moment you’d wish would last for eternity. Because the happiness is not something that you could see nor touch, but something that is kept sacred in […]

Bismillah We had an event recently, my team and I. Being active in a mosue’s youth group, programmes upon programmes came rattling like a train on schedule is a norm. So recently, we had to meet up to settle the prizes and gifts which we will be handing out to the public for the said […]

Bismillah To You, my Rabb, I cry! My fear, my hopes; no lies, For You always listen, patiently Lovingly, and longingly… You understand the unspoken pain That others may look with disdain, And for that, my Lord, come what may, I will always, always Go back to You, no matter how Far this heart has […]

Bismillah Perfection exists in this world and that is the Kalam of Allah SWT; the Qur’an. And when it enters our hearts, it fulfills, it purifies, it heals. Rayyan Islam

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