Bismillah Hey, hey Gingerbread Man You may have a head, a body… A pair of legs and a pair of hands given, But you were still created… to be eaten! Why did you run, then? Straight out of the oven Out to the open That old man and woman Who have made you, shaped you… […]

It was a chilly morning. I shivered. Maybe from the cold… or maybe just nervous at the thought of what was about to happen. I glimpsed at the clock, thinking if I could buy an extra time. Oh, bother. Might as well get it done and over with. I grabbed my keys and headed to […]

Once there was a princess who lived in a kingdom far, far away. She was blessed with a loving mother the Queen and father the King, who showered her with utmost love and care. She lived in a majestic castle, on a land blessed with prosperity and serenity and greenery and beauty. She was the […]

Emilia, Farah, Baheera, Khadeeja; group discussion. Em: Kades, what are you so caught up with your phone with anyway?! Put that away! We’ve got a project to finish for God’s sake! Far: Yeah! And Lin’s not helping either – she’s not here! Is she coming? Kades: (…) Iera: She’s not? Oh, is she out saving […]

Eif hauled Heich onto his feet. “Look, Heich, you gotta be strong now. Don’t weaken now. Don’t give up, c’mon, you can do this, old chap,” encouraging words started to spew out of Eif’s mouth. A grunt could be heard from the torn and worn out Heich, as he tried to stand on his wobbly […]

Bismillah   I’m losing count Of all the sins that I’ve done I’m losing count Of all the disobediences that I’ve committed I’m losing count Of all the ungratefulness that I’ve shown I’m losing count I’m losing count What comes after a gazillion? I’ve lost count And I’m drowning In my own counting Yet Whenever I open […]

Bismillah Who are the Beautiful ones? They are the ones who smile Even in their sadness.   Who are the Beautiful ones? They are the ones who smile Even when their patience is tested. Who are the Beautiful ones? They are the ones who still smile Even when words of thorns are thrown at them. […]

Bismillah It has been a while. A really long while.  What happened? I wish I have a solid answer for that – but I don’t. There is simply isn’t any simplistic answer. Sigh. I have missed writing. Truly do.  I guess this is me… trying to pick up the pieces again. Hey, I’m back! It might take me […]

Bismillah O dear heart, you will be alright for Ramadhan has prepared you for the fight so go, and face the world with might until the next Ramadhan, hold on tight #Ramadhanpoetry Rayyan Islam

Bismillah Slowly, it turns to gold slowly, broken no more as the blessed month draws to a close, the heart that was once torn, worn, is now reborn. #Ramadhanpoetry Rayyan Islam

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