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The Meaning of Life

Has this thought ever crossed in your mind before: What am I doing here? Watch this, and it’s going to be the BEST 6 minutes of your life. Advertisements

If Life is a Rubik’s cube

Bismillah If life is a Rubik’s cube… You’d find yourself right back where you started, When you made the wrong move. If life is a Rubik’s cube.. You would have given up When you kept failing, When you kept getting it wrong But, If life is a Rubik’s cube… You’d soon learn what to do, […]

Life of teaching

Bismillah Life is different when you are behind the desk looking at the person standing in front of you, and when you are actually standing in front and all eyes are staring up at you. When you are behind the desk, you are waiting for the person in front to do something, to say something… […]

When the World comes knocking…

Bismillah “Sometimes you just have to put up a sign that says “Do not Disturb” to your heart when the world comes knocking.” How often do we find ourselves so immersed into this worldly life, that we have a hard time detaching ourselves from it to just focus on the real important matter: the next’s. […]

The Rain

Bismillah There has been a lot of commotion the past few days about the rain. Yes, it has been raining continuously for the past two, three days – although today it has calmed down a bit. But generally the rain just continued to pour at which point you had to wonder if it will ever […]

The Greatest Unconditional Love

Bismillah The greatest unconditional love is when you love someone, knowing full well they will not love back the same way you did – but you continue to love them anyway. And that is Allah SWT, towards His Creations. We often talk about the greatest love story and the great sacrifices that came along with […]

From the Heart, with love

Bismillah   I remembered rummaging through my old stuff a while back. Going through those items, I found a long-forgotten birthday gift that was given by an old friend. There was a whole load of other stuff in it, but what caught my attention was a piece of plain-looking bookmark. Reading what’s written, I felt […]

Today, 1400 years ago..

Bismillah   Today, 1400 years ago, a man was given birth. An ordinary man with extraordinary characters and conducts, and so began his journey to change the world. His name was Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). Many in the world today, especially those with little or no knowledge of him, would condemn his […]

To change

Bismillah Here’s a line which hit me today: “If you can’t change yourself, don’t dream of changing others.” It reminds me so much of the quote below: To change the world, one have to begin wih oneself. Great things, indeed, begin from inside. Rayyan Islam

Talk and Action

“Funny how those who want stayed idle.” By right, if we want something… we should be working for it, right? Especially when it is something that we want so bad. And it is a contradiction for those who claimed to have wanted but does nothing.     Rayyan Islam


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