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The New Face-Lift

Bismillah I meant to post this earlier, but things got in the way – well, not really; I guess it was just not meant to be. Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal. As you can see (whoever you are, or I’m just really talking to myself – it made sense doesn’t it? Whenever you write, you are talking in […]

The conscious subcounscious

Bismillah I think my subconscious is trying to tell me something. Maybe my conscious self is just so messed up that my subconscious had to reach down and shake me. It was a dream: I was carrying a Royal baby in my arms – at first I didn’t realise until I saw his face. And […]

The key to book-reading

What you need is a book impossible to put down – to kickstart yourself into the habit of reading. Have you ever had the problem of finding it hard to just read a book? Would you believe if I say that sometimes, the problem is not you – sometimes the problem is the book? Now, don’t […]

A Book Commentary: The Story of Islam

Bismillah There I was, scratching my unitchy head, not knowing what to write for this week’s entry. And upon a  little scavenger’s hunt through old files, and an even older ones hidden beneath chunks of unexplored folder in my laptop, I came across few rare gems of written pieces which apparently had been written by yours-truly, during the pre-blogging-era, […]

Something beautiful beneath the ugly faces of tests and trials

Bismillah It’s the middle of the night again, and I don’t know why, but I have this pressing feeling of wanting to post something up. So, here I am. I read something beautiful just now, one on the tests and trials in our lives. The writer says, there are basically 2 types of trials, namely […]

In a daze

Bismillah (A note on a particular event that had only happened recently) * * * There I was sitting down, leg crossed, on the ground – my head hung so low, I could almost kiss the book that was lying on my lap. I couldn’t believe I was there. I refused to lift up my head – for fear of meeting the eyes of the people […]

The chosen path

What you really need, is not hoping that it will be smoothsailing after you’ve made your choice, but the bravery in facing the consequence of the path you have chosen – The 4th Hill, 15/8, 8.16am

A Pause

Bismillah I’ve decided to take a pause from my usual entries, and would just like to use this chance to basically say whatever I want; what I feel and what’s on my mind, and most definitely, what’s in my heart. I wanna say something rather freely without having to worry what others may think. So […]

Ask me…

Bismillah Ask me, what am I worried about the most, The one thing that’s constantly on my mind, On and on, Rolling, like waves, Throwing me in a turmoil, as it rises and crashes I worry about myself, About my imaan, I worry about what kind of a servant I am, I worry about my […]


Bismillah I remembered running. I was running so fast, everything around me was a blur. I couldn’t even tell if it was night or day. But, could you tell the time if you were in a dream? I didn’t know what I was chasing for. But I knew I had to run, and run as […]


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