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Farewell… Fare-well

Bismillah I’m bad at goodbyes. I truly am. The events over the past two days bore witness to that. But, especially yesterday. She couldn’t stop crying. A good, good friend of mine. Her tears were just flowing. It couldn’ t come at the worst of time. I was sick, I even missed my appointment to […]

Rundown, and falling apart

Bismillah I remembered wanting to post this up a few days back, but, one thing or another, I didn’t – or couldn’t. And so, to make it up, I shall type it and post it up now. I went to the park again coupla days ago – and I was grief-stricken by the sight before me: There were […]

The sun, the eyes and the Greatness

Bismillah Before I forget, I learned something beautiful today T.T There I was, just so happened to be passing by the TV (to get one thing or another, I forgot), and my eyes landed on the documentary that was playing on the TV. It was talking about the Sun. And then it talked about our eyes. […]

A Great Day 2

Bismillah I once read about a woman who died protecting her baby during an earthquake. They found a mobile phone belonging to the woman close to the baby, and it read “If you can survive, you must remember that I love you.” And I cried. I once read about a poor man who donated a simple […]

A great day

Bismillah OhmiRabb. It has been sucha looong time since I last wrote –well, at least it feels like one to me. (Although, in fact, it has only been a week since I last wrote) Anywhoots. Now, I’m like this globe of floating energy just waiting to burst by the wanting to spill all the words […]

Between this World and the Next

Bismillah Don’t you always hear that particular verse at the end of almost every du’a you’ve ever heard? Well, I do. At least at the local masjids that I attend to. Almost always, the imam would recite this piece of du’a to conclude the long du’a that he reads after the prayers. Rabbana atiina fiddunya […]

We called ourselves Gods

We don’t believe in a deity Who is All-Powerful, and All-Knowing, Who is in control, Of absolutely anything And we go about thinking, Who does HE think HE is? To dictate a life that is supposed to be ours And we doubt His Existence, And everything that He commands, If I can’t see Him Then […]

The Man and the Umbrella

Bismillah While thinking of what to write, I remember this one particularly bizarre story (in quite a funny way) about a man, who was being followed by another mysterious man with an umbrella and who would constantly knock his umbrella on his head. And of course, just like you and I would normally do if we are in that […]

A Love that moves the Heaven and the Earth

Bismillah You know how the saying goes, “I love you, I’ll move the heavens and the earth for you“? Though it meritted the dab-tissue-on-to-our-eyes reaction, we all know that, eventually, it is just an expression expressing one’s intensity for one’s love. Well, The One Who Truly Loves Us indeed moves the Heavens and the Earth […]


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