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The Old Woman, A Young Man – and Life’s greatest lesson

Bismillah   Once there was an old woman. Hers was the time where camel-riding, sand dunes and Bedouins were a commonplace. Bent-backed, wrinkled, and staunching along the rocky roads with a pile of firewood on her back, such was her everyday going back and forth from home and the places where she could gather the woods to help her […]

Lesson learnt from the toilet

Originally posted on forredhaallah:
Bismillah Yes, you read that right. I learned something valuable from the toilet today. Here goes… Maybe because I had been occupied these past few weeks I didn’t realise that a particular section of my home was left abandoned for quite a long time. So this morning, when I stepped into that tiny cubicle,…

The Warnings

Originally posted on topupiman:
Bismillah There had been a lot of warnings being issued lately. Well, at least at my area there were. Few days back, I read the newspaper issuing a warning to expect more heavy rains and storms in the coming days. And just recently there was a warning to the people who live at…

Change is… hard

Originally posted on SimpureHeart:
Bismillah One of our sliding doors is not unfunctioning. In fact it works brilliantly. But, you need to understand how my dad likes to treat all them sliding doors in this house. See, my dad has a habit of placing a piece of wood behind every one side of the sliding door. You know that leftover…

The Cover

Bismillah As I’m writing this, the weather is gray and drenchy outside, what’s with the aftermath of a huge, rather short and quick, downpour. Shocking how fast the weather changes these days.. Like someone smiling all sunshiney  at one moment, and all tears and bawling the next. (We have a term for that, haven’t we? The […]

The Swimming Lesson

Bismillah I went swimming with these coupla lovely sisters this afternoon – and I did something new which I had never done whenever I went swimming before. I…… wore a goggle. See, before I always find goggles to be absolutely unnecesary – I mean, do they even make you any faster? So I refused to […]

The broken body

Bismillah I have had trouble putting up my headscarves these past few days – one way or another, the curvy top of my headscarves would end up looking like it had decidedly smacked itself on the mirror. And it’s not just the headscarves mind you, it’s the driving, the cooking and… basically the things you’d never given […]

The Storm Part 2

Bismillah We’ve all had one before: that storm raging inside us. The moment when it hurts. That moment when everything was spinning too fast and we just wanted the World to stop. That moment when we just hoped someone, somewhere, out there to just understand what we were going through. That moment when everything was breaking […]

The Storm

she’s all alone at a little corner of her own heart draped with a certain dreariness bleak in her own distraught she wanted to scream pour out the searing pain that only she seemed to feel, that only she seemed to understand there, in that little corner of her heart she wanted to smear the grinning […]

The Unspoken

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