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Let them

Bismillah Let the World crush me Let the World drive me to the war zones Let the World smother me Let the World break my bones I know I’ll be alright Once I put my head on the ground When it’s just me and Him alone In the darkest and stillest of night In the […]

Asking for a Heart

Bismillah I remembered asking Asking for a new Heart Because the one I had right now Was just so tired, and felt like it’s dying I wanted a new Heart A Heart that is “alive” A Heart that is so strong That even when the world came crushing, breaking bones, I’d still held strong At […]

Priorities, Rayyan, priorities…

Bismillah It had been a crazy morning. I wanted to take my power nap (read: qailulah) earlier like so bad I could collapse in matter of seconds – and a bomb could detonate I don’t think I would even budge –  then I remembered I haven’t had my Dhuha prayer. Priorities, Rayyan, priorities. So I dragged myself to […]

The World of Writing

Bismillah Here I am again, in the middle of the night, accompanied by the soft dripping sound of a rain’s aftermath just outside. I haven’t written in a while – it honestly felt like such a long time, although it may have just been last week since I last wrote. I wanna feel that it […]

Be careful what you pray for…

Bismillah I once read a story about an abid who made du’a to Allah asking for a solitary place with free flow of food, so that he could worry less about the worldly affairs and focus on making ibadah to Allah SWT. Allah granted his du’a. So, one day, he was put in a jail. […]

The Heart

Bismillah A heart is a sacred thing. It is so precious, it is kept deep inside. Enclosed, in a Chest; safe; untouched. But the heart is also a scared and a confused thing. Inside, it is alone; inside it is in the dark. Kept in the dark too long, like you and I, we will […]

Listen, listen…!

Bismillah We were told many things. When we were young, we were trained to hear to everything – from our parents, to our teachers, and friends… As we grew older, we were more and more ingrained to listen to the voices of those even farther: the televisions, the dramas, the distractions. In the confusion of […]

What’s your song?

Bismillah I know it’s almost impossible to have a song which completely summarises your entire life into few paragraphs of a lyric – but, if you have one.. what would it be? I have one – at least, that’s what I felt when I heard the song; it left me with my eyes glistening reminising […]

The Pretender

Originally posted on SimpureHeart:
Bismillah ? He pretended to care When all along, he wanted to turn you away Remember what he did to our parents, Adam & Hawa – how he led them astray? To them he said, ‘Your Lord did not forbid you this tree except that you become angels, or to stop you…


Bismillah 2016 Somehow at the back of my mind, an invisible exclamation mark were supposed to be there somewhere at the end of those numbers, screaming, alerting everyone of its presence – announcing, to anyone who bothers listening, that change is coming. 2016!  You suddenly have that compelling need to throw your hands in the air, shouting out loud […]

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