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You, My Armour

Bismillah   You are my Shield, Which defended me, From the thoughtless judging eyes which knows no mercy, Who had only wanted to shoot me down with degrading commentaries.   You are my Protector, Which safeguarded me, From the evil prying eyes which knows no boundaries, Who had only wanted to strip me down with lust and lechery.   You are my […]

Some things are not meant to be…

Bismillah Some things are not meant to be. Take for example last night: it had been a while since I last wrote – 2 weeks! of no entries – and truth be told, it is not the slightest bit healthy to my writing momentum (I need to write at least once a week, fyi). I actually had to spend an […]

If iemaan could speak…

Bismillah If iemaan could speak, then your entire action is the message What has your iemaan been telling you today? Rayyan Islam

In the eyes of a Dragon (a short story)

01 Oh, looksie! What do we have here? A skinny-ish creature being wrapped in an unbelievably large table cloth (it has to be, nothing of human wear can be that large by my calculation) halfway down its body. Talking about a sore thumb, this creature is definitely an odd one out – and that is […]

It’s in the little things

Bismillah I have been more than slightly in love with the heart-melting sight of the sky which greeted me every morning on the road. You know that particular blend of the blue sky with the pinkish colour of the sort? I don’t know how to say it… but it took my breath away each and […]


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“Setiap umatku akan masuk surga, kecuali orang-orang yang enggan untuk memasukinya..." (HR. Bukhari) 

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