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They’re never quite the same, are they?

Originally posted on SimpureHeart:
Bismillah Here I am staring at the computer’s screen with a bag of ready-made, prepacked Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies in my hand, and I thought: they’re never quite the same, are they? The prepacked Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies sold separately at the Supermarket, if you realised, were never quite the same – never as mouth-wateringly…

A path full of bumpiness

Bismillah Now, I know I had once said that I love my job – but there is a tiny weeny bit of this particular section of the road leading to my workplace which I quite dislike. You know that zebra-like crossing with yellow stripes, instead of the white, which sends you and your car into […]

Beautiful shoes

Bismillah Beautiful shoes are pointless if they bring you on the path which displeases Allah. Rayyan Islam

Touched by Faith

Bismillah The heart is a strange thing. It is so deep inside, you cannot hold – yet it gets most easily touched. And once it is touched, it will follow whatever that touches it. And glad tidings to those whose heart has been touched by Faith (ieman). Rayyan Islam

The Anchor

Bismillah Have I mentioned that I love my job? Not trying to give anything away here, but I really, really love my job. I got giddy excited every morning, always looking forward to it, always smiling. Like a foolhardy child on the sight of a new adventure, brimming with happiness. I always believe, if you […]

Drip, drip, drip

Bismillah The earth goes soft, At the touch of the rainful tears, High from the sky above, Drip, drip, drip Down the water goes, A drizzle from the Heaven, A kiss to the ground, And blooms, comes Life A barren land no more, A sight of a thousand brilliance, As colours start aglow, Thus is […]


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