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As you wave Goodbye..

Bismillah As the days go by, I know I’ll be saying goodbye But with all my heart and soul, I am not ready ‘Cause there’s a million things I still need to fix in me Will you stay? I hear the erratic beating that of my heart, Rabb, why does it have to be this […]

In a flock

Bismillah ​I could become a great INDIVIDUAL, or become an unknown but in a great TEAM –I’d choose the latter in a heartbeat. There are few things that are exhilarating to be done alone – but there are far more things that are even better being done together. When we do things alone, it is […]

A touch of Heaven

Bismillah Everyone knows what Heaven feels like right? Probably not – but at least an inkling as to what it should or might be. It is peaceful and quiet; filled with serenity. Nothing bad ever happens there – no unecessary speeches; everyone is saying all the good things. It is filled with the praise for […]

They never gave you a break… so He did.

Bismillah Because the World never gave you a break, He did Because the World never stopped throwing you into a turmoil of emotions, He did Because the World continued to break your bones, He halted it He put a pause All in the name so you can mend All in the name so you can […]

It’s HERE!

Bismillah It’s TODAY! The day we have all been waiting for!! I can’t believe it…! RAMADHAN… IS FINALLY HERE! I could not help but think only of that from Maghrib onwards… All day long, even for the last few hours before the sun set, I had been fretting; worrying. Would I be able to have […]

The Unspoken

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Going to Jannah

“Setiap umatku akan masuk surga, kecuali orang-orang yang enggan untuk memasukinya..." (HR. Bukhari) 

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