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Cry of the Borrower | Aiman Azlan

Bismillah I came across a wonderful poem in this book that I am reading. It is a poem about the Heart – something, I believe, we all struggle to take care off every single moment; a Thing in our body which seems to control our very own lives. The Poem was magnetizing – so powerful […]

A reason to smile

​Bismillah (I believe I have acted much like a misbehaving child – throwing temper tantrums after a favourite toy was taken away – I am now accepting to terms that Ramadhan’s gone and there’s nothing I can do about it. And Syawal’s here. Syawal’s HERE.) * * * “A reason to smile” You’ve tried Hard […]

Love Letter to Ramadhan

Bismillah Dear Ramadhan, Remember when you first arrived? You probably noticed what a nervous-wreck I was that whole week, prior to your arrival. It was for fear of not having a glimpse of you again this year. And when the Takbeer was made – marking the departure of our dear friend, Sya’ban – I was jumping and […]

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