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Which one would you rather…?

Bismillah ‘Which one would you rather: to live or to die?’ she asked. And in a heartbeat, I already know what my answer is. There, in the tiny corner of my heart, it beats: I’d choose death anytime. However, it left me thinking all the same. Am I ready for it, though? To some, the idea of seeking death may […]

Tell me, I need to know…

Bismillah   I see you walk around With a certain sunniness  Illuminating your smile Tell me… Are you covering a broken heart Beneath those effervescent smile?   I hear the tinkling of your laugh Chiming along the train of your conversation Tell me… Are you obscuring the sound of a crying heart inside?   Tell me When […]

The Meeting (a short story)

Bismillah I screeched my car to almost a complete halt when a car suddenly signaled and entered my lane. Gosh, what’s wrong with people these days?!  I let out a disgruntled sound, as I changed gear – although deep down inside, I knew it was probably a normal thing on any typical day –people changing […]

Rainy, rainy, rainy day!

Bismillah It has been raining quite a lot these days – it must be down to the wet season at around this time of the year. A bit of like my heart, I supposed. I have just turned a year older recently. I know it is probably the happiest time of the year for most […]

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“Setiap umatku akan masuk surga, kecuali orang-orang yang enggan untuk memasukinya..." (HR. Bukhari) 

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