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The struggle… the happiness

The words were struggling to escape her lips. She scrunched her face, a pair of tightly closed eyes beneath two dark eyebrows strewn together – a sign of clear exertion – as she articulated each word. Sometimes she’d close her eyes, sometimes she’d snap them open. But, always, the words continued to flow. Albeit slowly. […]

The Meeting (a short story)

Bismillah I screeched my car to almost a complete halt when a car suddenly signaled and entered my lane. Gosh, what’s wrong with people these days?!  I let out a disgruntled sound, as I changed gear – although deep down inside, I knew it was probably a normal thing on any typical day –people changing […]

Love Letter to Ramadhan

Bismillah Dear Ramadhan, Remember when you first arrived? You probably noticed what a nervous-wreck I was that whole week, prior to your arrival. It was for fear of not having a glimpse of you again this year. And when the Takbeer was made – marking the departure of our dear friend, Sya’ban – I was jumping and […]

In the eyes of a Dragon (a short story)

01 Oh, looksie! What do we have here? A skinny-ish creature being wrapped in an unbelievably large table cloth (it has to be, nothing of human wear can be that large by my calculation) halfway down its body. Talking about a sore thumb, this creature is definitely an odd one out – and that is […]

Lost (a short story)

Ali put his hands in his pockets and pulled his jacket for warmth as the cool June wind whisked him by. It’s the time of the year again: the non-stop drizzle, and chilly breezy air threatening to knock the wind out of him. He made a turn to the park when a piece of paper […]

The passing dark clouds (a short story)

(Sarah – present day) I open my eyes. And my head hurts. Everything hurts. I don’t know how many hours it has been – me, lying on my bed. I don’t even know what time it is. Everything looks pretty dark in the room from all the drawn curtains. I try to make out the […]

Asiah (a short story) – Part II

(Read part 1 here) “Oh, yeay! You’re home… and early! How’s your day been, hon?” Mum looks up from the magazine she’s reading, beaming, as I come through the kitchen door. It is midday. I spent my whole morning wandering around the beach aimlessly, trying to fill the time…and figure out ways on how to […]

Asiah (A Short Story) – Part I

I look up at the sky. Rolls of clouds clamp together like cotton candy. It is a cheerful Sunday morning. The slight breeze from the sea blows softly. I hasten my walk. I only have 15 minutes before my shift starts. My name is Asiah. I am named after the wife of the famous Pharaoh […]

The story of a lost Heart – Continued

(Read first part here) He was lost. He was tired. He was hungry. But most of all, he was confused. He looked to his left, his right, to his back and in front of him. Sea, sea and more sea. He frowned. What am I doing here? He thought. It felt as if he had […]

The story of a lost Heart – a short story

There was once Father Heart who created Baby Heart. Father Heart loved Baby Heart so much, and he wanted Baby Heart to grow and learn and be strong and wise. So Father Heart brought Baby Heart to the sea. It was vast, and blue and sparkling from the sun. The sea was both mesmerizing and […]

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