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Like the east and the west

Bismillah Someone once said, the Dunya (World) and the Aakhirah (Hereafter) are like the East and the West – if you move towards one direction, you will be going further and further away from the other. So, question: which direction are you heading now? #reflect Rayyan Islam Advertisements

Dear distracted heart…

Bismillah Rayyan Islam

Guided Heart

Bismillah You cannot follow your heart – if it is not guided. Some people say, to follow your heart. But you see, that is not always the case. How can a blind guide another blind? How can a lost heart guide another lost being? That is why, we need to first turn our hearts to The One […]

Please connect, please…

​Bismillah My phone was driving me crazy. It just lost its connection all of the sudden. Out of the blue, it disconnected at its own accord. No warning, nada. Just like that, it went: “Not connected to any network.” No data connection, can’t go online…can’t even call nor SMS; leaving me flustered and in utter […]

Learning to fly

Bismillah Once you’ve learned to spread your wings, you could only learn to fly higher. No bird ever learn to fly heading towards the ground. And likewise, no hearts – once it’s learnt to recognise its Lord up above – would ever want to stay on this Earth, in this World. It strives, it longs, […]

A touch of Heaven

Bismillah Everyone knows what Heaven feels like right? Probably not – but at least an inkling as to what it should or might be. It is peaceful and quiet; filled with serenity. Nothing bad ever happens there – no unecessary speeches; everyone is saying all the good things. It is filled with the praise for […]

The art of Sailing

Bismillah I am sailing, Across the Dunya, that is ailing, Like a great, big ocean, it is rolling And on this Boat of Aakhirah, I am steering, And suddenly, just like lightning, My boat starts sinking Sinking!, And I am panicking!, What is happening? To my left, and to my right, frantically, I try looking, […]

Teach me how to love You

Bismillah I know, for my entire life, I would never be able to return the Love the way You have loved me – but for the rest of my life, ya Rabb, please teach me how to. I want to be filled and washed away with Your Love. To be flooded, drowned and intoxicated with […]

Be careful what you pray for…

Bismillah I once read a story about an abid who made du’a to Allah asking for a solitary place with free flow of food, so that he could worry less about the worldly affairs and focus on making ibadah to Allah SWT. Allah granted his du’a. So, one day, he was put in a jail. […]

The Heart

Bismillah A heart is a sacred thing. It is so precious, it is kept deep inside. Enclosed, in a Chest; safe; untouched. But the heart is also a scared and a confused thing. Inside, it is alone; inside it is in the dark. Kept in the dark too long, like you and I, we will […]


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