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Ask for strength

Bismillah When we ask for strength, almost always we are asking for inner strength. Why? Because we know, once we are stronger inside we can face anything outside. Rayyan Islam Advertisements


Bismillah No thunder loud enough, No sun bright enough, To match your faith, your trust, in God. You smiled through the storms, And blinded everyone with your strength. No one realises the broken pieces of you inside. * It amazes me to see, how someone who smiled so beautifully, so peacefully, are often the ones […]

Your Happily-Ever-After

Once upon a time, in a Kingdom far, far away… you were created with much Love and Care by the Hands of the Most Kind, the Most Loving. How then, do you doubt your Happily-Ever-After?   Rayyan Islam

Dear distracted heart…

Bismillah Rayyan Islam

Guided Heart

Bismillah You cannot follow your heart – if it is not guided. Some people say, to follow your heart. But you see, that is not always the case. How can a blind guide another blind? How can a lost heart guide another lost being? That is why, we need to first turn our hearts to The One […]

Learning to fly

Bismillah Once you’ve learned to spread your wings, you could only learn to fly higher. No bird ever learn to fly heading towards the ground. And likewise, no hearts – once it’s learnt to recognise its Lord up above – would ever want to stay on this Earth, in this World. It strives, it longs, […]

Reaching for Your Love

Bismillah O’ Allah, If reaching for the Stars meant reaching for Your Love, then I’d stay on the Moon –to be forever surrounded by Your Love.   Rayyan Islam

In a flock

Bismillah ​I could become a great INDIVIDUAL, or become an unknown but in a great TEAM –I’d choose the latter in a heartbeat. There are few things that are exhilarating to be done alone – but there are far more things that are even better being done together. When we do things alone, it is […]

Walk this Path

Bismillah It’s like walking on an old bridge: hope is what keeps you going; fear is what keeps you on guard. So walk the Path of Life in between hope & fear. Rayyan Islam

The art of Sailing

Bismillah I am sailing, Across the Dunya, that is ailing, Like a great, big ocean, it is rolling And on this Boat of Aakhirah, I am steering, And suddenly, just like lightning, My boat starts sinking Sinking!, And I am panicking!, What is happening? To my left, and to my right, frantically, I try looking, […]

The Unspoken

Spread the Peace


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Going to Jannah

“Setiap umatku akan masuk surga, kecuali orang-orang yang enggan untuk memasukinya..." (HR. Bukhari) 

Autumn wayfarer

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close the eyes and let your heart see

its not the eyes that are blind, but the heart .

A soulscape

In Paradise there will be a tent made from a single hollowed pearl...

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