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I have missed you

Bismillah   Assalamualaikum,   How have you been? I have missed you. As the song goes, truly madly deeply do.   I couldn’t stop thinking about you. Sometimes I smile at the thought of you. Though sometimes floods of tears filled my eyes out of the blue too.   I missed your warmth. Your embrace. […]

What was in your heart?

Bismillah What was in your heart, that made you utter those words of Oneness, even when they placed that boulder on your chest, squeezing every breath that you have, Tell me… I need to know, ‘o Bilal What was in your heart, And what did you see up in the heaven, as you lie flat on the […]

Which one would you rather…?

Bismillah ‘Which one would you rather: to live or to die?’ she asked. And in a heartbeat, I already know what my answer is. There, in the tiny corner of my heart, it beats: I’d choose death anytime. However, it left me thinking all the same. Am I ready for it, though? To some, the idea of seeking death may […]

Rainy, rainy, rainy day!

Bismillah It has been raining quite a lot these days – it must be down to the wet season at around this time of the year. A bit of like my heart, I supposed. I have just turned a year older recently. I know it is probably the happiest time of the year for most […]

Dear distracted heart…

Bismillah Rayyan Islam

Reaching for Your Love

Bismillah O’ Allah, If reaching for the Stars meant reaching for Your Love, then I’d stay on the Moon –to be forever surrounded by Your Love.   Rayyan Islam

Love Letter to Ramadhan

Bismillah Dear Ramadhan, Remember when you first arrived? You probably noticed what a nervous-wreck I was that whole week, prior to your arrival. It was for fear of not having a glimpse of you again this year. And when the Takbeer was made – marking the departure of our dear friend, Sya’ban – I was jumping and […]

As you wave Goodbye..

Bismillah As the days go by, I know I’ll be saying goodbye But with all my heart and soul, I am not ready ‘Cause there’s a million things I still need to fix in me Will you stay? I hear the erratic beating that of my heart, Rabb, why does it have to be this […]

They never gave you a break… so He did.

Bismillah Because the World never gave you a break, He did Because the World never stopped throwing you into a turmoil of emotions, He did Because the World continued to break your bones, He halted it He put a pause All in the name so you can mend All in the name so you can […]

It’s HERE!

Bismillah It’s TODAY! The day we have all been waiting for!! I can’t believe it…! RAMADHAN… IS FINALLY HERE! I could not help but think only of that from Maghrib onwards… All day long, even for the last few hours before the sun set, I had been fretting; worrying. Would I be able to have […]

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