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Stay firm

Bismillah As you walk this life, and your eyes start to wander, You catch sight of the things which glimmer, And your heart starts to falter… I say, stay strong, stay firm! Truly they are there only as tests, To see where your heart truly rests. To Allah you should hold on to, For everything […]


Bismillah No thunder loud enough, No sun bright enough, To match your faith, your trust, in God. You smiled through the storms, And blinded everyone with your strength. No one realises the broken pieces of you inside. * It amazes me to see, how someone who smiled so beautifully, so peacefully, are often the ones […]

Run, run Gingerbread Man…

Bismillah Hey, hey Gingerbread Man You may have a head, a body… A pair of legs and a pair of hands given, But you were still created… to be eaten! Why did you run, then? Straight out of the oven Out to the open That old man and woman Who have made you, shaped you… […]

Losing count

Bismillah   I’m losing count Of all the sins that I’ve done I’m losing count Of all the disobediences that I’ve committed I’m losing count Of all the ungratefulness that I’ve shown I’m losing count I’m losing count What comes after a gazillion? I’ve lost count And I’m drowning In my own counting Yet Whenever I open […]

Who are the Beautiful ones?

Bismillah Who are the Beautiful ones? They are the ones who smile Even in their sadness.   Who are the Beautiful ones? They are the ones who smile Even when their patience is tested. Who are the Beautiful ones? They are the ones who still smile Even when words of thorns are thrown at them. […]


Bismillah O dear heart, you will be alright for Ramadhan has prepared you for the fight so go, and face the world with might until the next Ramadhan, hold on tight #Ramadhanpoetry Rayyan Islam


Bismillah Slowly, it turns to gold slowly, broken no more as the blessed month draws to a close, the heart that was once torn, worn, is now reborn. #Ramadhanpoetry Rayyan Islam

The last 10 days

Bismillah Oh, how fast time flies… in a blink of an eye it feels only yesterday that you arrived now you are saying goodbye…   #Ramadhanpoetry Rayyan Islam

The limbs

Bismillah Misused, abused, for one whole year. Forced, coerced, an unwilling performer. The eyes, the ears, the mouth. The hands, the feet, every single limb. Meant for worshipping, but used for disobeying. The constant battle Oh, how exhausting. Then Ramadhan came, Haven of worship. The peace, finally, home again.       #Ramadhanpoetry Rayyan Islam

The symphony of peace

Bismillah The symphony of peace is not in the form of words may not even need to be uttered sometimes it comes in the form of feelings harmonised feelings of those who submit. The symphony of peace is the rhythm of the heart that beats for Allah,  glorifying Allah, and for no one else, but […]

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