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Bismillah We had an event recently, my team and I. Being active in a mosue’s youth group, programmes upon programmes came rattling like a train on schedule is a norm. So recently, we had to meet up to settle the prizes and gifts which we will be handing out to the public for the said […]

Disappearing? Pray not.

Bismillah Sigh. I honestly don’t know where to begin. I thought it would be just a passing moment. I thought I could bounce back. But one thing lead to another, and before I knew it, things began to spiral downwards, uncontrollably. Days became weeks, weeks became months… And now, it is almost a year, and […]

Perfection exists

Bismillah Perfection exists in this world and that is the Kalam of Allah SWT; the Qur’an. And when it enters our hearts, it fulfills, it purifies, it heals. Rayyan Islam

A rough voyage

It had been a tough voyage for the ship. Time after time their small vessel was attacked, ambushed and haphazardly bombarded by rolls of merciless gigantic waves. But the crew did not lose spirit. A crack here, they rushed to patch it up quickly. Seawater coming in, they took their pails and shoved it out […]

Expectation / criteria

Bismillah There is a common scene, especially if we arrive at a new place, and suddenly there’s a call of nature. Dreadfully we start to make a beeline for the toilet, but will not enter before nudging our friend to enter first. And when she is finally out, we would not not ask that million-dollar […]

On maturity

Bismillah Maturity is not one thing, rather it is a harmonious blend of many things such as physical maturity (puberty), mental maturity (how you view the world), emotional maturity (how you control your emotions), spiritual maturity (how you are with God), material maturity (having survival skills, like cooking), intrapersonal maturity (how you are with yourself), […]

The art of reviving

Bismillah Some things need to change around here. I had an interesting brief discussion once – a friend and I – on reviving a dying group. “Stagnancy,” she said, “breeds boredom.” And boredom is essentially paving the path towards destruction – the destruction of the mind, the soul and even body. I always believe that […]


Bismillah I haven’t been writing consistently – I know that. It has been quite… how should I say it? Not tough – challenging. I have got a new job offer and for that I am posted to the part of the country that is almost like it’s a different country altogether. It took a while […]

Let’s try again… shall we?

Bismillah You trip, and fall again. Even after you have tried to keep it together for so long. You are only human. The Dunya is merciless. So you trip, and fall down its trap. Again. And now you are weeping. For a sin you wish weren’t happening. I know in your heart you are screaming. […]

The Mighty Small

Bismillah It was a children’s book. And what can you expect from it apart from a shamble of words with wacky characters and even wackier storyline? I was reading it because my curiousity got the better of me upon reading the title – and I was in for a good surprise when I read just […]


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