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It has been a while…

Bismillah It has been a while. A really long while.  What happened? I wish I have a solid answer for that – but I don’t. There is simply isn’t any simplistic answer. Sigh. I have missed writing. Truly do.  I guess this is me… trying to pick up the pieces again. Hey, I’m back! It might take me […]

Love finally

Bismillah Do you know what’s the most touching part of every love story is? When the main characters finally fell in love with each other. And that’s why the most amazing thing in this short and temporary life is when a slave finally falls in love with the one who has always loved them in […]


Bismillah Imagine ourselves being dropped, plop! in the middle of a forest – thick, dark forest. Imagine waking up, and finding ourselves in the middle of an unknown, mysterious, alien place.   What am I doing here? How on earth did I end up here?   These are among the first few questions that would […]

The Monster

Bismillah There’s a known Monster. A terrible, terrible thing. Insatiable; a horrendous, monstrous thing. It is breathing, it is Alive. And it grows. It lurks where no one can see it, but it can see us as clear as day. It is like a baby, it cries for attention. Always. Loud, and banging. Screeching and […]

Which one would you rather…?

Bismillah ‘Which one would you rather: to live or to die?’ she asked. And in a heartbeat, I already know what my answer is. There, in the tiny corner of my heart, it beats: I’d choose death anytime. However, it left me thinking all the same. Am I ready for it, though? To some, the idea of seeking death may […]

A Love Letter to Self

​Bismillah Salam, How have you been? You have been quiet lately… I know A LOT of things are happening right now, but you know what? You’ll get it through. You are a lot stronger than whatever it is that is weighing you down. Know why? Because you have HIM: the One who Creates you and […]

A short break

Bismillah Dear beautiful hearts out there, It has been a while since I last posted, I realised. Things are happening around here. I will be taking a short break, bi idznillah, to sort things out. Whoever you are reading this, do remember me in your prayers. Everyone is a soldier, for everyone is undergoing a […]

Do you know why?

Bismillah I remember the first Islamic Awareness Week which I attended years ago (my Rabb, I feel so old saying that), one of the seniors handling the booth had said something which touched me and moved me in such a way that it left me utterly stunned; breathless. Those words stayed with me even until […]

Please connect, please…

​Bismillah My phone was driving me crazy. It just lost its connection all of the sudden. Out of the blue, it disconnected at its own accord. No warning, nada. Just like that, it went: “Not connected to any network.” No data connection, can’t go online…can’t even call nor SMS; leaving me flustered and in utter […]

Do you see what I see?

Bismillah I wonder if you see what I see, When you walk in this Life as True a Muslim as you can be…   I see you build your Home, From the bricks made of gems and gold, As you put your forehead on the ground, Making your daily prayers, something you strongly hold. I […]

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