Bismillah I haven’t been writing consistently – I know that. It has been quite… how should I say it? Not tough – challenging. I have got a new job offer and for that I am posted to the part of the country that is almost like it’s a different country altogether. It took a while […]

Bismillah You trip, and fall again. Even after you have tried to keep it together for so long. You are only human. The Dunya is merciless. So you trip, and fall down its trap. Again. And now you are weeping. For a sin you wish weren’t happening. I know in your heart you are screaming. […]

Bismillah Someone once said, the Dunya (World) and the Aakhirah (Hereafter) are like the East and the West – if you move towards one direction, you will be going further and further away from the other. So, question: which direction are you heading now? #reflect Rayyan Islam

Bismillah It was a children’s book. And what can you expect from it apart from a shamble of words with wacky characters and even wackier storyline? I was reading it because my curiousity got the better of me upon reading the title – and I was in for a good surprise when I read just […]

Bismillah As you walk this life, and your eyes start to wander, You catch sight of the things which glimmer, And your heart starts to falter… I say, stay strong, stay firm! Truly they are there only as tests, To see where your heart truly rests. To Allah you should hold on to, For everything […]

Bismillah No thunder loud enough, No sun bright enough, To match your faith, your trust, in God. You smiled through the storms, And blinded everyone with your strength. No one realises the broken pieces of you inside. * It amazes me to see, how someone who smiled so beautifully, so peacefully, are often the ones […]

Bismillah   What does it take for you to save yourself from an ocean full of sharks? What does it take for you to save yourself from being chased by a starving tiger? And… what does it take for you to save this ummah?   It all comes down to one, shockingly, but undoubtedly similar […]

Bismillah Hey, hey Gingerbread Man You may have a head, a body… A pair of legs and a pair of hands given, But you were still created… to be eaten! Why did you run, then? Straight out of the oven Out to the open That old man and woman Who have made you, shaped you… […]

It was a chilly morning. I shivered. Maybe from the cold… or maybe just nervous at the thought of what was about to happen. I glimpsed at the clock, thinking if I could buy an extra time. Oh, bother. Might as well get it done and over with. I grabbed my keys and headed to […]

Once there was a princess who lived in a kingdom far, far away. She was blessed with a loving mother the Queen and father the King, who showered her with utmost love and care. She lived in a majestic castle, on a land blessed with prosperity and serenity and greenery and beauty. She was the […]


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