Bismillah Oh, how fast time flies… in a blink of an eye it feels only yesterday that you arrived now you are saying goodbye…   #Ramadhanpoetry Rayyan Islam Advertisements

Bismillah Misused, abused, for one whole year. Forced, coerced, an unwilling performer. The eyes, the ears, the mouth. The hands, the feet, every single limb. Meant for worshipping, but used for disobeying. The constant battle Oh, how exhausting. Then Ramadhan came, Haven of worship. The peace, finally, home again.       #Ramadhanpoetry Rayyan Islam

Bismillah The symphony of peace is not in the form of words may not even need to be uttered sometimes it comes in the form of feelings harmonised feelings of those who submit. The symphony of peace is the rhythm of the heart that beats for Allah,  glorifying Allah, and for no one else, but […]

Bismillah Calm and peace safe and secure happiness and joy all into one in that enclosed space of four walls, we call as ‘Masjeed’, house of the Lord     #Ramadhanpoetry Rayyan Islam

Bismillah A letter a word a sentence a paragraph a page or a book No matter how much of me that you read I will never change bore nor will I ever expire yesterday today even for an eternity And I promise you I will come back for you on that Day you’d thought there […]

Bismillah Something so small, so minute so easily forgotten yet hangs in the balance of everything… niyyah, your intention the reason for acceptance or rejection of your deeds, and actions so take heed : niyyah, your intention it either be your means to the Fire, or your means to the Heaven. #Ramadhanpoetry Rayyan Islam

Bismillah A month is blessed a month is sent as a gift for all to heal, to mend but who out there would come and claim? #RamadhanPoetry   Rayyan Islam

Bismillah A broken heart a broken soul all in need of the same cure #RamadhanPoetry Rayyan Islam

Bismillah   Assalamualaikum,   How have you been? I have missed you. As the song goes, truly madly deeply do.   I couldn’t stop thinking about you. Sometimes I smile at the thought of you. Though sometimes floods of tears filled my eyes out of the blue too.   I missed your warmth. Your embrace. […]

Bismillah Do you know what’s the most touching part of every love story is? When the main characters finally fell in love with each other. And that’s why the most amazing thing in this short and temporary life is when a slave finally falls in love with the one who has always loved them in […]

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