Bismillah   Assalamualaikum,   How have you been? I have missed you. As the song goes, truly madly deeply do.   I couldn’t stop thinking about you. Sometimes I smile at the thought of you. Though sometimes floods of tears filled my eyes out of the blue too.   I missed your warmth. Your embrace. […]

Bismillah Do you know what’s the most touching part of every love story is? When the main characters finally fell in love with each other. And that’s why the most amazing thing in this short and temporary life is when a slave finally falls in love with the one who has always loved them in […]

Once upon a time, in a Kingdom far, far away… you were created with much Love and Care by the Hands of the Most Kind, the Most Loving. How then, do you doubt your Happily-Ever-After?   Rayyan Islam

The words were struggling to escape her lips. She scrunched her face, a pair of tightly closed eyes beneath two dark eyebrows strewn together – a sign of clear exertion – as she articulated each word. Sometimes she’d close her eyes, sometimes she’d snap them open. But, always, the words continued to flow. Albeit slowly. […]

Bismillah Imagine ourselves being dropped, plop! in the middle of a forest – thick, dark forest. Imagine waking up, and finding ourselves in the middle of an unknown, mysterious, alien place.   What am I doing here? How on earth did I end up here?   These are among the first few questions that would […]

Bismillah There’s a known Monster. A terrible, terrible thing. Insatiable; a horrendous, monstrous thing. It is breathing, it is Alive. And it grows. It lurks where no one can see it, but it can see us as clear as day. It is like a baby, it cries for attention. Always. Loud, and banging. Screeching and […]

Bismillah What was in your heart, that made you utter those words of Oneness, even when they placed that boulder on your chest, squeezing every breath that you have, Tell me… I need to know, ‘o Bilal What was in your heart, And what did you see up in the heaven, as you lie flat on the […]

Bismillah ‘Which one would you rather: to live or to die?’ she asked. And in a heartbeat, I already know what my answer is. There, in the tiny corner of my heart, it beats: I’d choose death anytime. However, it left me thinking all the same. Am I ready for it, though? To some, the idea of seeking death may […]

Bismillah   I see you walk around With a certain sunniness  Illuminating your smile Tell me… Are you covering a broken heart Beneath those effervescent smile?   I hear the tinkling of your laugh Chiming along the train of your conversation Tell me… Are you obscuring the sound of a crying heart inside?   Tell me When […]

Bismillah I screeched my car to almost a complete halt when a car suddenly signaled and entered my lane. Gosh, what’s wrong with people these days?!  I let out a disgruntled sound, as I changed gear – although deep down inside, I knew it was probably a normal thing on any typical day –people changing […]

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